Answers to the three most common questions I get about this project and this site, and then a copyright notice:

For the most part, I think the whole thing is pretty self-explanatory: every week, I rewrite one of Shakespeare's sonnets as a limerick. I then post it here the following Monday (well, Monday-ish), and on instagram the Monday after that, at @limericked

This project originally started as a way to get out of writing an essay in a college course. I claimed that this was a "creative alternative" to more-traditional critical analysis, and somehow got away with it. Then, a number of years later, as I was looking for a new writing project, I found the original five, thought they were fun, and decided to do the other 149. I call it a misguided quest because I didn't realize what a commtiment writing (and formatting, and posting) a poem, in my free time, every week, no matter what, for basically three years would be. I highly recommend being misguided in this way. Without it, I never would have started the project in the first place — it would have been too daunting.

I'm not sure what I'll do when I run out of sonnets. Current best guesses are I'll either start limericking the news—there are several very sharp people doing this already—start doing the rest of Shakespeare's collected works, or just stop with the whole limerick shtick and find an entirely different writing project.

Except for the stuff that Shakespeare wrote, this site and its contents are copyright © 2021, Coleman Collins. All rights reserved.